About project

KS11173 Clean Green City by Smart Waste Management, Cool4City

Duration of the project in months: 23 months (February 25, 2021-December 31, 2022)
Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.


Project partners: 

  1. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre” (St. Petersburg, Russia) – Lead partner;
  2. Non-commercial partnership “Association for Environmental Partnership”
    (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  3. Recycling centre Mikkelin Toimintakeskus ry, (Mikkeli, Finland);
  4. Regional operator Metsäsairila Oy, (Mikkeli, Finland);
  5. Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, HSY, (Helsinki, Finland);
  6. Green Net Finland ry (Helsinki, Finland).


The aim of the project is to implement a complex of comprehensive activities aimed at promoting of the concept of separate collection, processing and recycling of waste among the population, studying and describing the current legislation of the household waste management system in Russia and Finland, developing recommendations for improving the waste management system in each country, implementation of pilot projects aimed at achieving practical results and increasing environmental awareness of citizens.

All these events as a whole will make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the cross-border area.


The mission of the project is laid down in its acronym:

  1. For the population (especially youth) it is easy to associate themselves with a part of the project, as everyone wants to be Сool.
  2. Co– co-operation, collaboration, co-creation
  3. Co – comfortable urban environment
  4. Co – cosy urban environment


Planned goals of the project:

1) Support will be provided for the development of innovative waste management systems in Finland and Russia;

2) Environmental awareness and literacy of citizens in the border regions of Russia will be raised;

3) The development of small and medium-sized businesses, social entrepreneurship and circular economy will be supported.


Key project results: 

1) Innovative pilot projects will be launched (for example, the use of slag and / or ash for reuse in processed products (Helsinki), geospatial analysis of the location of container sites in terms of availability and accessibility for residents of the pilot area in St. Petersburg, modular training programmes for the training of environmental inspectors (St. Petersburg). The most successful of them will be applied in practice in both countries.

2) Recommendations for improving waste management systems and adapting best practices will be developed.

3) A comparative analysis of European and Russian legislation in the field of solid waste management will be prepared and will include an assessment of the possibilities for harmonising the current Russian and European legislation in the field of waste management.

4) Consultations of Finnish and Russian experts and events with their participation will affect the increase in the number of enterprises in the field of waste management. Entrepreneurs will master the skills of entering the international market, an increasing number of organisations
in St. Petersburg and Finland will include green / clean technologies in their business models.